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American Military Community

The American Military Catholic Community of Baumholder, Germany

Smith Barracks, Rheinland Chapel, Building 8249

Chapel 2 on Baumholder's Smith Area, also known as Rheinland ChapelChapel 2 on Baumholder's Smith Area, also known as Rheinland ChapelPastor: Fr. Uzoma Uwakwe

Contact information

Office: Building 8335, Room 4
DSN 485-7067/1570
damian.o.ilokaba.mil (at) mail.mil


Visiting Priest: Fr. Matthias Schmitz
Pastor of St Simon and St Jude in Baumholder
Contact information: frmatthias (at) naheheidewestrich.de


Mass Schedule:

Sunday Mass: 0900

Daily Mass: Monday to Friday 1200 in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel (except training / federal holidays and 1st Wednesday of the month)


Before Mass or by appointment

Baptism and Marriage:

Please contact Fr. Ilokaba for instructions before setting dates.

Please get marriages recognized in the church before receiving communion or any other sacraments.


Hospitality Area for parents with small children during Mass:

The Mass is a sacred time for all to worship, and the environment should be one of reverence, reserve, and respect. We are delighted to announce that the Hospitality Area is clean up and ready to welcome parents with small children who may find it difficult to remain quiet during the Mass. If you or others are distracted by your children, please take advantage of this warm and welcoming area downstairs. Your children can play in our fully-equipped playroom, and you can watch and hear our Mass on the large screen TV, which is pre-tuned to the Mass upstairs. Thank you for being understanding.


To reach the American Catholic Community contact their Facebook group.

Archdiocese for the Military Services