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Welcome to our parish community

Baumholder and the surrounding area is home to a large international community. Very often this has a lot to do with the United States Army installation in Baumholder which has been with us for many decades. US soldiers, government employees and their families regularly stay in the area for a shorter or longer period of time.

Our parish maintains a close relationship with the military chaplains and chapel communities on post. We happily share our services and facilities with our neighbours from overseas. At certain occasions we invite the American and German communities to celebrate together. In recent years we have shared Thanksgiving, the feast of Saint Martin (11 November) and Christmas with combined bilingual services.

For current information on Mass times and other services, please see our "Pfarrbrief" (parish newsletter, link provided on the right hand side of this text). You can also check out our Facebook page, or email us at frmatthias (at) naheheidewestrich.de

We hope you will enjoy your stay in Baumholder. We would love to be part of your European tour. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.


To reach the American Catholic Community, click here or contact their Facebook page.

For information on the Baumholder Community Religious Support Office check out this site.

 Hinweisschild auf die Büros der amerikanischen MilitärseelsorgerHinweisschild auf die Büros der amerikanischen Militärseelsorger

Father Matthias Schmitz